In the world of product development it is no longer enough to create high quality products. Retailers are interested in seeing the total package – strong promotional websites, branding across markets and popular social media entities.

One manufacturer of technology solutions for the home reached out to 360BC Group for help with establishing a prominent social media presence, with a focus on follower acquisition on Facebook. Because the firm started with zero social entities the solution needed to include:

  1. The development of social media sites
  2. Identifying industry standards across social media sites
  3. Researching relative audiences with aligning interests



After further analysis the 360BC Group provided the company with:

  • A detailed report defining the potential audience, social tactics and an outline of how these spaces would be curated
  • Audience specific content developed for their social spaces
  • A content calendar with varying content types submitted for their approval
  • A comprehensive social campaign that included:
    • Promotion of the brand’s new Facebook page
    • Solicitations to its target audience to “like” their Facebook page
    • Sponsored content
    • Monitoring of social activities and engagement promotion



Over the course of five-month campaign 360BC Group was able to:

  • Build a Facebook following of over 22,000 followers
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Surpass several of the company’s prime competitors
  • Provide weekly reports with growth and development insights
  • Empower the company with a strong social presence
  • Create an ongoing relationship that has evolved into several other projects including photography and video development services

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