Have you heard of “Meltdown”? If not, you should have, at least if you have computers in your office, as they may be vulnerable to hacking.

Meltdown refers to a flaw in computers running Intel chips. It allows hackers to read information directly from the machine’s operating system, and get to your passwords, photos, documents and other data. This flaw likely exists in every Intel processor from 1995 onwards.

How and why this happened, and how the bug renders security boundaries meaningless, would require a long and technical explanation that won’t bring you any closer to solving the issue.

But the danger is real. And even if you are fortunate enough to escape a breach, it may cause older computers to operate as much as 50% slower than they should.

Fortunately, solutions are coming. Intel has released a microcode fix, but it is not without bugs of its own. And Microsoft has released updates that can be manually installed.

Earlier this month Microsoft also released a new Windows Analytics feature to help enterprise customers check the status of devices with respect to the Meltdown mitigations. It is available through the free Windows Analytics service.


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