One of the biggest challenges faced by new companies, as well as smaller companies vying for business against larger competition, is simply getting customers to take a chance on an unfamiliar brand.

Clever pitches and big discounts can be effective, but one other strategy is too often overlooked – the contest. We’ve used this approach with several of our clients, from manufactured home providers to nonprofit organizations, and achieved positive results.

Why does it work? Here are just some of the benefits:


1. Everybody likes to win stuff

Whatever demographic your customers fall into, chances are they like the chance to win something. And if eligibility for your contest is as simple as providing a ‘like’ on Facebook or a ‘follow’ on Twitter, you can rapidly build up your social media audience.


2. It doesn’t cost a lot

You don’t have to give away a car to get people’s attention. A contest campaign can be implemented even with the smallest marketing budget.


3. More engagement

Most people will read a contest offer with more interest than a standard sales pitch. You can augment that engagement by requesting more input from entrants; for instance, a company that makes pet products can ask people to send in a picture of their pets to be entered in the contest.


4. More reach

Emails and posts about contests tend to get shared more online than other promotional messages, increasing their reach beyond your contact list.


5. Better analytics

People are accustomed to providing some personal information when they enter a contest, and that data will be valuable to you in future marketing efforts.

360 can put together an effective contest campaign for your business. Contact us and let’s talk – the initial consultation is free!

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