Nicole’s career as both an entrepreneur and cyber security practitioner spans more than 20 years. In 2001, she launched her own cyber security start up, Elite Development Group (EDG). As founder and CEO, her company was directly responsible for direct remediation of more than 100 cyber security incidents and breaches.

In 2004, Nicole’s accomplishments and contributions to the cyber security community were recognized by both Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies, resulting in a board member appointment to the Los Angeles division of Infragard (FBI/private industry organization), inclusion in the Secret Service’s Electronic Crimes Task Force, think tank participation specific to IT security-centric compliance frameworks, and as a Subject Matter Expert in cyber security and cyber warfare.

In addition to achieving PhDc status in clinical neuroscience, Nicole is a graduate of both the FBI and ATF Citizen’s Academies and the FBI’s Infrastructure Liaison Officer (ILO) program, specializing in cyber counter intelligence operations and asymmetric warfare.

Today, she serves 360 clients as the company’s CISO on a retainer basis.

Chief Information Security Officer

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